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July 25, 2018: Congratulations to all the brilliant energy & mining industry experts, designers, data scientists, machine learning engineers & full stack developers that just got promoted and joined us to build the "Calgary AI Hub for Natural Resources". We had some fun today celebrating their amazing accomplishments to-date. Our mission to grow "new collar jobs" in Canada continues!


July 11, 2018: With more than 881,000 visitors already, the 2018 Calgary Stampede showing great sign that the "energy is back" in the city. In addition to the traditional rodeo show, I really enjoyed the discussions/events during 'The Stampede Investment Forum' co-hosted by Calgary Economic Development to drive "New Collar Jobs" in energy, petrochemicals, agribusiness, renewables & clean tech, health & life sciences and tourism industries


Think2018 pic.jpeg

Among more than 40,000 global technologists, consultants, developers and business leaders at IBM Think 2018 conference in Las Vegas this week, Canadian clients like RBC, Goldcorp, TD, Sonnet Insurance Company and The Plastic Bank got lot of spotlight due to their 'exponential platform innovations' in AI, Cloud and Blockchain. The partnership with Jensen Huang of NVIDIA to harness data 46X faster, sharing our Watson work with Todd White & his team from Goldcorp to build a 35X faster 3D geospatial data platform and reflecting on stories from Sal Khan of Khan Academy about the power of personalized education was amazing. CEO Ginni Rometty summarized it nicely: every 25 years, when inflection points for business, society and technology collide, "it has the potential to change everything.”


Waymo's autonomous freight trucks will hit the road in Atlanta next week to deliver Google cargo. While Uber, Tesla and GM will provide stiff competition, Waymo has a 9 yrs lead and fleet of vehicles with more than 4 million self-driving miles on US public roads (for comparison, that would take the ave. US driver nearly 300 yrs to complete).


DisruptMining, March 2018 (Toronto)

The swagger was back at PDAC 2018 Toronto convention this week with more than 25,000 investors, analysts, mining executives, prospectors, geologists, Indigenous peoples, government officials and students from over 125 countries. Goldcorp's annual $1M #DisruptMining Challenge and Live Finale also invited top thinkers, ideas & technologies to change mining in the 21st century. Luis Canepari of Goldcorp summarizes precisely: “To have innovation, you have to have a very forward-thinking leadership team". We are proud to be part of the #AI journey to predict drill targets much faster with greater accuracy & more environmentally friendly manner, analyze historical maps & core samples and systematically monetize data for this critical industry fueling the 4th Industrial Revolution.


Emily Esfahani Smith, the author of ‘The Power of Meaning’, talks about creating the ‘culture of meaning’ with 4 pillars (belonging, purpose, transcendent & story telling) in our families and institutions to help people become our best selves. Wish you all even more meaningful 2018.

Latest 2018 Speaking Events

1st Robotic Skies, Rhodes House, University of Oxford, June 2018


Prof Lucas Kello kicked-off the '1st Robotic Skies' workshop at the historical Rhodes House of University of Oxford, where Cecil John Rhodes (mining magnate and controversial PM of the Cape Colony from 1890-96) himself might not have allowed the topic or some of the speakers in the room. The irony is that's precisely why Centre for Technology and Global Affairs at Oxford University masterfully convened global experts, manufacturers, operators, policy makers and regulators to shape the future of autonomous drones technologies.

Toronto ABM Summit, June 2018

After my talk, I polled the audience:

CMOs Modern Marketing Mandate can be grouped under two buckets: GROW (increase sales + demonstrate ROI) and CHANGE (improve omni-channel experience + reinvent through digital innovation + champion a customer centric corporate culture). Do you agree? 

Energy Disruptors Unite 2018 in Calgary, May 2018

Listening to energy experts like Peter Tertzakian, Michael Liebreich and Luq Niazi at Energy Disruptors in Calgary last week, it is evident that we are in an era of “energy diversification” where fossil fuels and renewables are both growing to meet the needs of 7B+ people. By applying AI to make current Canadian energy systems more efficient, safe and sustainable today, we are enabling "quantum computing ready" energy systems of the future.


Analytics By Design Conference Panel in Toronto, Apr 2018

The pull of platform business models and accelerated capital re-allocation (up to $1.2 trillion over the next 2 to 3 years globally) is rapidly changing the way we will collaborate, compete & monetize data.


CFA Society's 10th Annual Spring Pension Conference in Toronto, Apr 2018

After my presentation, I polled the audience:
What are your key take aways from our AI Implications to Pension & Investments?


PNS garage.jpeg

First Public Sector Innovation Garage in Canada to Open in Halifax, Mar 2018

“We are committed to developing new and better ways to meet the diverse, changing needs of the public sector and Nova Scotians” - Patricia Arab, Minister of Internal Services. This is another "triple win" Canadian story for our team: (1) innovative solutions for Government of Nova Scotia citizens, (2) continue to grow local high tech Canadian jobs at IBM Halifax (500+ to-date) and (3) active partnership with academia like NSCC, Dalhousie University. Congratulations to the leadership on all sides for making this a reality.

CIO Synergy, Feb 2018 (Toronto)

It was very encouraging to see CIOs from private and public sectors (including smaller cities like Town of Milton and non-profits like Legal Aid Ontario) are creating AI strategies and executing projects to drive business outcomes. I look forward to learning more about your transformation journeys!

WGS 2018 AI Roundtable.jpeg

World Government Summit, Feb 2018 (Dubai)

The 1st Global Governance of AI Roundtable yesterday at World Government Summit - القمة العالمية للحكومات hosted by the 1st Minister of AI was impressive. UAE's ambition to be a world leader in AI by 2031 (primarily in Natural Resources, Tourism and Logistics to boost GDP by 26% or $91B) is legit based on the commitment to strategic investments, existing data foundation and quality of 80 global expert advisors from US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, China, Japan, Singapore, India, Slovenia, etc

redlake trip.jpg

Journey to the Core, Nov 2017
(Red Lake, Ontario)

Geologists will play a critical role in fueling the 4th industrial revolution with raw materials (e.g. gold). However, the top "Geologists of 2020" want to do more Geology and less data manipulation. By 'being in their shoes' at Red Lake's green stone belt region (5,000 ft down in a 30 yrs old active mining site), we are starting to create Geology specific Watson platform to explore minerals, optimize system wide mining & cut-off processes and enhance autonomous vehicles & robots with intelligence to increase the safety of human lives.

Watson data scientist talks up 'augmented intelligence' for financial services (Dec, 2016 @Toronto)

"True artificial intelligence may still be some years off but the financial services industry is already beginning to reap the benefits of augmented intelligence, says a data scientist working on IBM's Watson.

Speaking at Mobey Day in Toronto, IBM associate partner Pavel Abdur-Rahman moved to cool some of the hype surrounding AI, arguing that it is not going to be seen in a true sense until quantum computing takes off more than a decade down the line."

Latest Major Publications

During the 2018 CAMSS Alberta conference (June 6, Calgary), we caught up with Pavel Adbur-Rahman, Data Scientist and Associate Partner at IBM to gain some insight on AI platform business models.

The AI Manager (Summer 2018)


Queen's Smith School of Business ran an interview to discuss how AI is being applied in various sectors.


Future of Asset Heavy Industries with AI Platform Business Models (Calgary)

Reinvention never ends. As new opportunities – some of them disruptive – emerge, the organizations that remain open to change can orchestrate advantage. In broad strokes, these include new trusted bonds with customers, new ventures to scale on platforms, and more nimble teams.

investment management.jpeg

Augmented intelligence is doing more for wealth and pension managers

This article was published on "the Analyst" by CFA Society Toronto (March, 2018)

Northern Miner's Progressive Forum, Oct 2017 (Toronto)

Northern Miner's Lesley Stokes (Staff Writer & Geologist) sits down with Pavel Adbur-Rahman, who leads IBM’s AI & Advanced Analytics Consulting Practice in Canada, and Robin Fell, who serves as Goldcorp’s director of strategic technology solutions. The group discusses big data and how it ties into geosciences and discovery.

AI Governance Exchange @World Government Summit 2018

While the snowy Swiss town of Davos was full of business leaders and politicians to discuss global economics and the environment in late January, the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf Dubai in February was full of AI scientists, educators, consultants, start-ups, public policy professionals and writers for the annual World Government Summit 2018.

The AI track of the summit gained major attention given the number of global experts from Canada, US, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, India, Singapore, Korea, China, Australia, etc gathered to discuss (1) AI Technology Development, (2) Government Sector Specific Use Cases, (3) Technological Unemployment, (4) National AI Transformation Strategies and (5) Innovation, Ethics, Risks & Global Governance.

cognitive seal team.jpg

Building the Cognitive SEAL Team

The founder of modern political science, Niccolò Machiavelli (1429 to 1527 in Florence, Italy), famously wrote, “There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.” Inspired by this quote, in their new book published in 2016 (Building the Future: Big Teaming for Audacious Innovation), Amy Edmondson and Susan Reynolds explore large-scale systemic innovation that calls for “big teaming”: intense collaboration between professions and industries with completely different mindsets. This demands leadership combining an expansive vision with deliberative incremental action—not an easy balance.